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I just cannot see this bike as an "adventure" type, unless any dare out on a scoot down to a restaurant is an "adventure".

The major design flaw is fuel tank orifice. Having it under the rear seat means to gas the NX up one needs to take off the rear luggage first, or never have one, limit yourself to side cases only. 14 L of gas is not more than 300 km of range, is this an adventure?
All other are not big deals one by one, but together they make NX of pure street commuter type. No rear hugger, short front fender, therefore a 100 yards down to a gravel and the bike and the rider are looking like they have finished at Paris -Dakar. Noodles instead of front suspension.
It is another Versys, modern, fun to ride down a street, nice to look at, but otherwise pretty useless in its stock form. The whole impression after a test ride was I rode a cheap toy for real money.

No, with the rear luggage, you can still open the tank just fine. Same with the side bags. They don't hinder the gas seat opening. Only thing that would hinder it is if you had strapped more gear over that.

As for being a toy I believe it is a top seller over in Europe and have not heard anything in many reviews calling it a toy. The suspension is not the best but that is the only negative I have heard about it.
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