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Originally Posted by boogn1sh View Post
Just spoke to Josh @ NWA Motorsports. I didn't know it was that Josh. He and Bill were the only reason I ever gave that business any money. The rest of the B&E crew kinda seem like ass-hats. Maybe they could smell the Yankee on me and just didn't like me. They tried to charge me over $100 to mount tires on my R6 race bike several years ago (wheels off the bike!) and that was the last time I did business with their Service Dept. I did continue to buy parts from Josh though. And Bill has always treated me right. I miss the days of mixing it up with him at Hallett.

NWA Motorsports is covered up with BBB business this week, but I will keep them in mind next time I need service.

I work at a local new car dealership, and I understand the Service Dept needs to make money.

Yes I like Josh too, I am having a brain cramp and dont remember the other guys name at NWA Motorsports...real nice guy and he worked at Bills too.

Steve is about the last of the original crew at Bills beside Bill himself, if Steve leaves I'll not be going back. He's been a good friend for as long as I can remember.

They've lost their minds on tire changes etc, it's too bad. Running it in the ground. I so miss the days of bench racing at the shops around here, all of the shops were friendly and knowledgeable back in the day. You would see them all at the tracks on weekends and they would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it.

And it's not that I dont want them to succeed, I think the new owners are just out of touch.
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