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Originally Posted by cpmodem View Post
Makes sense. The Ninefiddy has been run as a "big bang" engine before by inmates. Haven't heard of a Nine-Ninety doing the same.

BTW, you really need to get a spark plug socket if you're going to continue tuning your Katoom. See CJ. :p

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OK, so I can exhale now...
So I've been running a big bang for quite some time now. It's time to do it right... How stupid do I feel right now...

But regarding the fact that I can't remove my spark plugs - the two locking positions on the crankshaft are at TDC front & rear, right? So if I simply space the two power strokes correctly (by moving one of the cylinders exactly one revolution further as the manual states), I should be fine, yes? (Providing the fact that I'll turn the engine by hand after I'm done And see that nothing hits)
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