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The Big Bang Theory...

If it was configured so the power strokes are closer together I would have thought this should have zero effect on power or fuel consumption.

The engine is still burning the same amount of air with the same effective spark timing and cam position relative to each cylinders TDC firing, the only difference is when the power is delivered with respect to the crank rotation.

That is quite interesting as it kind-of seems like one big power pulse (single cylinder or 2,3,4 cylinder bike with each cylinder combusting at, or close to the same time as each other) gives more rear grip, or perhaps more predictable breaking of grip (spinning up) so you can use the power more effectively. - any-one know more about this?

I guess downsides are
1) more vibration (more like a large single cyl bike)
2) more stress through crank and transmission (though not necessarily on v twin as power pulses are not happening at the identical time)

Assuming the OP didn't fit the carbs and pipe I would say the fuel consumption will be due to being overly rich.

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