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The BV went in for its first service on Saturday. The service went well.

I think I mentioned elsewhere that somewhere along the line, I discovered when I first brought the bike home that the right rear turn signal stalk was cracked. Ordering a new one was a bit of a pain because it took a month to get the part from Piaggio. The turn signal assembly finally came in and was installed on the bike during the service.

Rode the bike home after picking it up and discovered...the new right rear turn signal was CRACKED AGAIN!!! I did not recall any time at which I crunched the turn signal into anything in the garage and began to suspect that there was some vibration that was stressing the part to the point of failure. Did an inquiry over on the Vespa website and no one over there had had similar issues. I went to the dealer and the mechanic confirmed that he installed the new turn one logical conclusion can be drawn and that is that whether or not I felt or heard it, I apparently am crunching the turn signal on something when I'm backing the bike into the garage. Not a build, design or quality deficiency...apparently, operator error is in progress...

In a way, it's kind of a relief, because I love, love, love the BV...I like the way it handles, I like that nice thumper motor humming away down there and I like that the bike can do pretty much what I ask it to I've mentioned before, I view the SWing as the pack mule and the BV as the fun ride (the SWing is fun, too, but not as much)...
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