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So what did you haul in your hack today?

I got a little impromptu day off work. While some guys were installing my fence, I hung out with the dog and worked on the newly acquired kegerator. After I got it up and running, I decided I needed some CO2. So I strapped on the bottle and went to get it filled.

Then I stopped by my local beer and wine shop. If you want it, Robin at The Wine Cellar in Southern Pines can get it for you.

And sure enough, she came through. Instead of ordering a keg, she had a keg of Highland Gaelic Ale just waiting on me. Giggity Giggity! Let's load it up!

And after a couple hours of settling, it is time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

So let's hear it. What did you haul today?

Riding donkey, I am in Aberdeen with my gsa! Maybe I will see you around. Will keep eye for your red hack. Live somewhere around Conneticut ave? that wine house building used to be as red as your bike. The firehouse pub. I know. I painted it
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