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Day 4: Loafing around "The Neck"

The fourth day saw us relaxing in and around Digby Neck and being general moto-slackers in terms of mileage and terrain, but not photographs or natural beauty.

I had a cup of coffee and one of my aunt's delicious muffins then walked around taking morning shots of flowers and other HBN'esque shots. I won't bore you with most of those though...

I found this in my grandpa's old garage workbench. How cool is that! This would have been from the early 1950's.

After the grumpy bitch woke up ( ) in a much happier mood, we set out for a hike up Mount Shubel. It is the highest point in the small town of Sandy Cove and overlooks both St. Mary's Bay and The Bay of Fundy.

After eating a ton of blackberries on the trail, we hopped on the bikes for a ride south for scallop rolls. Of course this involves taking the ferry over to Long Island.

Beard smiling. He cannot see.

The lobster traps lined the small fishing community on the narrow passage between Digby Neck and Long Island.

We rode south to the end of Long Island and decided to skip the ferry to Briar Island in favor of some seafood.

You want to know how big the lobster was?! It was "THIS BIG!"

And the scallop roll I have been dreaming of for years since my last visit to Lavena's Catch Cafe in Freeport, Nova Scotia.

Screwing about after the delicious feast.

Every road seemed to find us at another Dead End. We knew that it would since we were exploring a 10 mile long island. Alas.

And this is the gravel road down to Beautiful Cove. I shit you not.

I suggested we check out The Balancing Rock while we work our way back north. Little did I know I had invited SWAMP THING along with me

There were a lot of stairs. Just ask Beard

Balancing Rock

Doing that ferry thing with swagger

Still no clue what this sign was about. There wasn't anything nearby for a half mile and then it was just a random driveway or two

Sneak shot of Beard checking out the Scallop fleet in Digby Harbor

We then made our way over to the NSLC (Nova Scotia Liquor Commission) where we were appalled at the price of alcohol.

One can...

And the choice of names...

Afterward, we returned back in time for a family lobster feast.

Representing the BWDR

Oh man it was delicious. This would not be the last lobster we eat up north.

After eating, we drove over to the Bay of Fundy to watch the sunset.

This is on my top five favorite places to watch the sunset.

After waiting for the last stains of sunlight to wash down the sky, we drove back home to have fresh local berry berry pie (blackberry and blueberry) and swill Scotch.

Beard was kind enough to take a night shot of the family home. I was kind enough to photograph him taking photographs. Real fun stuff us photogs...

With our stomachs happily stuffed with lobster and pie, we eventually turned in to bed. It is nice to take a day here and there to relax and act like you are on vacation instead of RIDE RIDE RIDE. Believe me, I have plenty of time for that later in the RR

The trip up north through Nova Scotia starts next! (Well after Beard puts up his Day 4 shots)
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