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Originally Posted by Jim K. View Post
+1 on the Brit mags. I don't know how they manage it, but BIKE & Visordown (in it's paper days) seem able to level real criticism, of both bikes & gear. ......... For some reason, the Brits seem to be able to call something crap & still keep their jobs. Unfortunately, BIKE costs $9.00 here, even with a B&N discount.
I suspect the Brit mags rely more on subscription fees for income rather than the US mags looking to adverts to support them. I suppose the higher price is what we need to pay to get a higher quality of journalism.

I think I'd be willing to pay more to get more in depth content, plus less sugar coated reviews. I really wish all the reviews/comparisons were done with bikes picked up at local dealerships. Too many of the comparisons are done with bikes that come from the mfgrs with tack on goodies or full boat upgrades. I want to know how the bike works as I roll it off the floor. If they want to do a side bar on upgrades/accessories, fine that's good, but don't include it in the main comparison with other bikes.

I really want some depth to the reviews, how many times have I read a review that included a passenger's opinion, or how hard is it to do basic service work, say change the oil, airfilter, or plugs. I don't need to see them do it, but have some feedback from Pros etc. How was the bike was to live with on a daily basis, not just blasting up some local canyon roads.

I don't give a rat's ass if it trips the meter at 120 in the quarter mile, but I sure as hell care about glitchy fueling, turbulent airflow, hard to deal with instruments/electronics, or how the bike handles with a passenger.
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