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Don't think so 2012 is suppost to be the peak year of world wild oil production which means no matter what it's all down here from now. Beside I think china is buying one of the biggest oil sands company so who knows what is what. Then again since the guys lives in England he might just head to his grandfathers shead and see if that old wood gasafier they use back in ww2 can be fit on a modern bike

I m guesing you have to state mile per wood palet . If your really want to read about then see this book :

Welcome to Alberta's Oil Sands the third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world, next to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Through responsible development, advancement of technology and significant investment, the Government of Alberta in conjunction with industry seeks to enhance Alberta's role as a world-leading energy supplier. New projects are being added every year and production is expected to increase from 1.31 million barrels per day in 2008 to 3 million barrels per day in 2018, keeping pace with demand and providing a sound economic basis for the future.

Above in yellow is what I found on a web site, Alberta Energy. So, I thought the price would come down. But, what do I know.

Chinese is eyeing (eying) on offshore oil field around Japanese islands. And they are claiming those island are Chinese islands. See recent out break of anti-Japanese demonstrations through out China. There's no one living on those islands and Chinese didn't care at all until there was finding of potential rich oil under there. At least this is my understanding of recent events.

It is very frustrating to me.
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