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Day 8 (~200mi,
Kris awoke bright and early to try and sync his throttle bodies. Being a Southern California boy, working in the cold is NOT in his blood- a joke I continue to get a lot of mileage out of. After a couple hours of tinkering, the throttle bodies were synced, but now we felt he had a loose linkage that was compounding the issue. So, the TBís were synced while at throttle, so the idle would remain lopey but it would run on the highway just fine.

We pulled out of Steamboat around noon, and headed to Grand Mesa via Hayden, Craig, Meeker and Rifle. Despite going 10mph under the speed limit in Hayden, we still managed to catch the evil eye from a trio of local police officers whom had set up a speed trap through town.
Nothing too eventful on the way; the Meeker to Rifle route is Cop central, so we kept it to a dull roar. By this time, the sadness that the trip was ending was starting to sink in, so both of us were lost in melancholy thoughts. A quick stop in Rife to pick up some food for the night, before we ran up the twisty highway to Grand Mesa.

Pulling into the Campsite:

Embarking on a Short Hike:

Coming back (and running into some other Motorcyclists):

Water was so glassy, itís nearly a perfect reflection of the Leaves. Ignore the RV ruining my photo:

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