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Originally Posted by rocker59 View Post
Look. I know the MSF is a good thing.

I just think it's Bullshit that they take money from people with zero experience, then boot 'em in the first hour or two of the riding part.

If a customer calls to sign up and says they have zero experience, they should be turned away. If they say they want to take the BRC "to learn how to ride", they should be turned away.

I've seen/heard enough stories, and experienced one myself, to know that BRC is not for beginners, and beginners should be advised to learn how to ride, then come back for the BRC.

That's the silliest argument I have read so far

Exactly where would you like these people with "zero experience" to go to learn to ride??? To a mate that will show them how they've been doing it for 35years and can show them how to 'lay 'er down'???

Of course they are pre-license courses!! ... why else would someone (for the most part) do a BRC unless they wanted to ride on the public road?

FWIW people do not get booted from courses here ... but they may get stopped for that day and sent to remedial class.
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