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Originally Posted by tedder View Post
Originally Posted by Human Ills View Post
I get a kick out of the thought that there are 'expert' riders out there who think that an MSF course is a cool place to show off.
It is fun to take a fully loaded adventure bike, complete with happy trails panniers, through the exercises.

I think I was told "don't do that, you'll scare the students".
I think He was talking about students doing that. Oh wait- you did that as a student. I taught that class.

Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Originally Posted by tedder
Good. There's nothing to learn from negative comments or those you disagree with.
Sure there is. It is called a critique. There is very little to be learned from the like minded.
DAKEZ- get your sarcasm meter checked; I think Tedder's comment blew the fuse so fast you never noticed.

Originally Posted by Shoganai View Post
It is NOT designed or intended to be a BEGINNERS course tho it is intended to teach new riders with little or no experience the BASICS of operating a motorcycle.
Shogs? You're wrong, dear.

If they expected people knew how to operate a motorcycle, why spend the first hour (two hours?) teaching them to use the clutch, brakes, shifter, etc.?

A lot of places offer that class also, a one-day version that strips out all the basic control operation exercises and get into the fun stuff.

Originally Posted by OaklandStrom View Post
One thing that I saw was a lack of flexibility in the instruction. The instructors had to read from a script. No matter how good a script is, it won't fit every situation. That's where I think the curriculum fails.
Take a program designed to be offered to anyone that basically teaches them how to become a self-guided missile, and let Joe RiderCoach tweak it the way he sees fit? Probably, a fair number of RC's could pull that off. Mind, if he's off the script and a student gets hurt, he's going to get sued, and will have nothing to stand on.

How many active RiderCoaches are there, maybe 10,000? Not all of those are capable of making those judgements. Now you have to qualify who can, and who can't. Last I heard MSF was having enough issues scaling it's training processes as-is.

Most likely, some that know they're not up to that will try anyway. Even with it being forbidden, Ive read things here like "the instructor said 'The book says to use both brakes, but I'm telling you that front brake is dangerous and you should avoid it'."

Coudl the script be better? Maybe. And maybe they should work to have an environment where students ask questions, which has always worked well for me.
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