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Originally Posted by dbuzz View Post
That's the silliest argument I have read so far

Exactly where would you like these people with "zero experience" to go to learn to ride??? To a mate that will show them how they've been doing it for 35years and can show them how to 'lay 'er down'???

Of course they are pre-license courses!! ... why else would someone (for the most part) do a BRC unless they wanted to ride on the public road?

FWIW people do not get booted from courses here ... but they may get stopped for that day and sent to remedial class.
I don't think we're going to win this guy over. He is simultaneously saying the course does not cater to beginners (too advanced) and that it does not go far enough. Certainly it is a compromise but in my experience both the initial learning (starting with where the controls are and how to use them) and the more advanced stuff such as cornering and braking techniques does a pretty damn good job of getting complete newbies to a stage where they can begin their street riding adventures with the necessary basic skills.

A poor coach could definitely detract from the effectiveness of the curriculum but it isn't THAT hard for a trained RC to deliver adequately and I sincerely doubt that many "bad" coaches have made it to that position. Certainly there is nobody I am aware of in the program I work in. As with many other ventures, a lot of those who fail at learning to ride would rather blame anything or anyone but themselves.
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