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Originally Posted by TNC View Post
One thing to keep in mind about intake and exhaust mods is not to focus solely on top end horsepower figures. Most 4-stroke engines respond very well to these mods for the improvement of throttle response, low end torque, and overall driveability enjoyment. A handful of small but important mods might indeed only add a couple of horsepower, but where, when, and how that power is distributed in the powerband is what can make a given bike much more pleasurable and useful depending on how you ride... ...The Honda is probably going to respond in similar if not exact manner to the type of intake and exhaust mods that many apply to the WRR and KLX. There's no requirement for owners of these bikes to apply any of these mods, but don't poo-poo them based on a personal bias.
Sure, I don't doubt that some improvements could be made - although when the majority of the reports here seem to suggest owners are very happy with the fueling/power response as stock, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to buy a $4000 bike, and put a $700 exhaust on it?

As I said in my post you quoted - I'm all for swapping out parts if they help to reduce weight and improve performance, but was questioning why anyone would want to swap an exhaust to simply 'make the bike louder'?

My response was initially to the youtube link a couple of pages back which showed a very loud aftermarket exhaust - my point in all of this was simply that fitting dual-sport bikes with excessively loud pipes and riding them in public areas is going to get [more] trails closed down...


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