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Originally Posted by donutrider View Post
I stopped in to the Duc Dealer in Eugene today and rode a '10 MultiStrada S for about 150 miles. I road in on a rented '12 BMW k16GT and boy was I in for the ride of my life!!

I'm 6'2" and it fit me just right except for the passenger seat ramming me in the back. But other than that it was an awesome ride.. sex on two wheels is the only way I can describe it. A local took my on a tour of the backcountry (curves and more curves).. Awesome machine. Unbelievable power.. roll-on in top gear from 65mph is mesmerizing.

Does anyone have a Standard model?? They have a low low mile demo (Standard) for sale that I'm itching after. Would I miss the extra's that come on the S and touring models? They had a georgous PP edition on the floor.

I've got a '13 BMW K16GT ordered but after riding the rental for 700 miles now I'm wondering if this is the bike for me.. It gobbles up the interstates like no ones business but I'm not sure once I get it back home in the garage if I will ride it much until the next long trip. The Multistrada felt like a 250 enduro, tall and light and easy to hop on and run into town or for short trip.. Not sure that big Bimmer would be that inviting.. please chime in as I'm sure most of you had many different bikes before you bought your MS..
Interestingly, when I tested the multi I also had a K16GT loaner due to my RT being serviced. I liked the GT a lot except for the screen and the transmission/drivetrain snatch could be distracting to say the least if you didn't ride the bike in such a way as to minimise it. It is an awesome bike though and I would really like one one day as the engine is fantastic and so smooth. Then I got to ride the multi....the bike just feels so right as soon as you sit on it and the test ride was an eye opener. I tested the standard and the suspension was all I'd ever need, very well set up for back roads and highway. So I ordered one . In white. Only to be told that sorry none left only red. Not my colour sorry. But I could have a touring S in 'racing titanium' and get a grands worth of free goodies. SOLD! Yes it's way more than I wanted to pay but I figured it's easier to get forgiveness at home than it is permission . The only bad thing is I have to wait until I have time to get back to the shop to pick it up. But the ride there and back is a little over 500 miles so it should run in by the time I get it home.
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