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I was there on Friday afternoon, the 21st. I guess no fail pics of me! But here is something tho......I am being followed by Mr, Moto,who is not right up my ass but not way behind either, He is the only one behind me,so I am keeping my eye on him. Again, he is not right on my azz so I am not sure if he wants to pass or not. I am aware I am not going warp speed so I will indicate that he can go ahead.

I slow down and move to the far right glancing in my mirrors to see if he is going to make a move. Nothing.....nothing....then it,s switchback time and I move over slightly in my lane,more to center but away from the inside and away from the yellow.

THEN Mr.Moto makes his move and scares the pants off of me by passing me in the corner, when I wasn't expecting it and when I had decided that looking forward was a better idea at that time.

I was pissed. I guess I forgot to do ALL 3, move over,slow down AND wave him by......geeezzz.

Mr. moto is in this thread.......
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