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Thumb Nordkapp, Day 1 - September 1st.

The day had finally come, the wait had been so long but was totally forgotten. Over the months since the Wales trip I had replaced the chain and sprockets, break pads, rear brake disc, both tires, cleaned the carburetors and so on. Just to make sure that if the bike would fail this would not be due to shoddy maintenance. I also fitted some cool looking aluminum panniers, so the bike was ready!

GPS track of the day:

Country names are in Dutch, but to change the Google Earth language you have to change the OS language, not doing that.

All ready for departure!

The first day would be not much more than eating kilometers, and getting to Denmark. To give me some peace of mind, I booked the first two nights to make sure I would get to the ferry to Finland on the third day. This way I would not waste time looking for some place to stay (turned out this was hardly necessary).

It was nice to be on the road again, after I left it felt like I only returned from Wales the day before as if I hadn't spent the last couple of months doing overtime and saving up vacation days for this trip.

But since today was nothing more than motorway, not many pictures were taken and the good ones as promised in the first post will have to wait . So here are some screens from the helmet cam:

Splitting lanes around Bremen, not sure if that's even allowed in Germany (it is in the Netherlands) but hell no that I'm going to wait in line.

Saw an old R100GS at a fuel station, going north as well. Didn't get the chance to talk to the owner as he rode off and waved as I was refueling.

Took the wrong exit somewhere south of Hamburg, despite of my GPS. Nice thing is the tracking of the TomTom Rider is pretty accurate, so got to 'fill in' what we in the NL call a 'klaverblad' (cloverleaf).

Chance to practice some right hand cornering, you could keep riding around these things all day if you want.

I like crossing borders in Europe, there are no checks anymore (well sometimes at random), and the entire look and feel of the surroundings change within a couple of hundred meters.

Here's the Danish one, the flags behind it a reminder that you're also entering Scandinavia.

Found the campsite, and wasted no time setting up the tent. It's a Spitfire Duo, and it can be set up in 15 minutes (ok, maybe not the first time)

And don't forget the chair for some added comfort.

As the night fell the moon rose, and made a nice reflection in the water.

As I like statistics and numbers and stuff, so I'll close these posts with the accomplishments for the day (as the TomTom kept track of them):

705 km travelled, at 91 km/h average. Spent 7:50 riding and am 490 km away from home.

(Since it's only a single cylinder, the top speed of the F650 is just over 150 km/h, the maximum comfortable speed however is always just below 130 km/h. But with the bike loaded and all I didn't exceed 110 km/h, even on the autobahn were there are no speed limits. The top speed of the entire trip was going to be around 120 km/h, with the wind in the back.)
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