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i'm gonna go out on a limb. this guy ^^^, and his species of rider, i don't think we're gonna be bothered by them for much longer. i think they're gonna kill themselves off. the whole "street tires on a dirt bike and racing leathers" (and the inconsiderate, unsafe, asshole riding style they have) needs to stay on the track. they're right up there with the idiot pirate HD crowd and sportbike squid crowd. when i went to the dragon a few years ago, it was like every other bend had one of these supermoto asshats in the ditch. next time, keep your dirtbike in the dirt, with dirt tires on it. asses.
You really don't know what you're talking about, do you. There are riders who ride past their skill level on every kind of bike out there... A supermoto is not a "dirt bike" anymore than a Harley Sporster is a drag bike, and it's sure as heck a lot more forgiving of mistakes than a 800lb sled or a crotch rocket.
Those guys are up there to have fun, granted they could pick a better, less crowded road to do it on, but they're probably trying to get on Killboy's highlights, just like you would if you weren't from a flat state...

(Husky 630 rider here, but I don't cut people off and dive across lines. I do however pass rolling road blocks when it is safe, and, OMG!, put a leg out every once in a while in the tight stuff...)

Also, what percentage of the wrecks and fails in this threads are motards?

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