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Originally Posted by MrsTiggywinkle View Post
I have a 07 XT with about 6200 miles on it. I've started noticing whenever the front end hits a bump there is a really loud "whooshing" noise. I'm assuming it's coming from the fork tubes but alas, I am not at all mechanical although I am trying to learn. Any ideas on what this is and if it is something that needs attention?

Mine forks make a little whoosing noise when I hit large bumps, and I think it's something I should check out "sometime".

But if yours is loud I would get it checked "soon", or stop hitting bumps...

I'm don't know a lot about forks, but they have springs in them, along with oil & valves, and seals which keep the oil inside and the dirt out.

It might only need more oil, or the seals need to be replaced (which is a common repair). I guess the valve might go bad sometimes, but I don't think I've heard of it.

Some people need to change the oil viscosity or the springs to compensate for heavier riders.

btw, In my sig line I have a link to a site which explains all kinds of motorcycle repairs. You might find it helpful & interesting, and the price is right. (free)
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