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I hate to jump in the foray, but just wanted to make a couple of comments. First of all, I totally agree with JMo that loud = less riding and shut down areas - no if and or buts, from the street to trails it's a fact that it is a huge issue. Didn't California just implement SB435? Direct response to noise? Denver has noise ordanances..same thing, the forest service now can stop and do noise checks (and they do) around here as well.

Secondly, I'm not sure that just because a bike is inexpensive, that should discourage one from making expensive mods to it for little percieved gain - I have friends that have made expensive mods to thier expensive bikes (KTMs come to mind) for the similar gains. In fact, to me it makes more sense to mod an inexpensive bike, than an expensive bike - as I would have expected the expensive bike to be closer to that 'perfection' that one may be seeking, and you can get in for a lower cost and mod as you can - if you choose. I have no illusions with this bike, no matter what I do it will never be an awesome single track weapon or dakar ready, but thats ok with me - as I will never be that level of rider either
I couldn't agree more. The only place I might differ is on the term "loud pipes". That is a veeery generalized term. Aftermarket high quality pipes like the fmf q4 are not that loud IMHO and likewise are not part of the problem when properly maintained and "un-modded". I own this bike and love it and ride 90% off road. I personally can't stand how quiet the bike is in stock form, you can't even hear it at 30mph. A q4 is definitely in my future for this bike and the 3 park rangers that I know upon upstate by where I ride will have absolutely no problem with that. The real problem (again IMHO) is with 2 smokers that have old aftermarket exhaust with no packing and 4 stroke mx bikes with super free flowing exhausts. The aforementioned bikes are just plain LOUD and aren't even comparable to how this bike will sound with a properly maintained q4.
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