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Although I agree to a degree that ill-maintained 2 smokers and 4 stroke mx bikes with straight thru race exhausts definitely do not help, I think they have become something of a scapegoat lately to close down orv parks. I HAVE been to a couple meetings upstate and there is always some douche bag developer in the back of the room with a shit grin on his face or a pretentious rich hippy that just moved in next door. Bottom line is that money is Often the real root cause. They just use noise because it's simple and universally understandable. Let the flaming begin, but that has been my experiwnce thus far with this issue.
No flaming anyone - dialouge is good. Lets say that money is the root, we as riders loose on that as well. Do the majority of us support OHV access groups like the Blue Ribbon Coalition or AMA etc.? My experience is that most don't, so we loose on all counts - we as riders make it harder on us by giving anti - access groups something to bang us over the head with (noise), and we don't fund our own defense - anyway this is getting off the thread topic so thats all for me on this.
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