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Originally Posted by T Reynolds View Post
Hi Adam, just wondering if you're still offering a discount on this set up?

Also when looking at your website picture of the duel kit and the kit contents list, are there two boom mics and two wired mics? It kind of looks that way in the pic. Anyway if it's just the booms then I'll probably buy a wired one for my AGV AX8DS helmet.

The wifes helmet is a flip up modular HJC, is the boom mic best for this type of helmet?

Thanks in advance

P.S. I sent a PM yesterday
Good catch! We use Sena's 'stock' photo, and they've updated it with just the boom mic, so we'll get that changed on our site.

We have the fixed mic clamps in stock, just not on the site, yet.

I replied to your PM, already. Give us a call on 877.533.4245, and we'll get you fixed right up.
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