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Talking Guns!!

I have a thing for shiny new guns (who doesn't?!)

Here is a Wilson Combat Classic .45, with a host of custom features. Bought this on the last day of 2011, to comemmorate the 100 year anniversary of the 1911 design.

Probably the most accurate and precisely made handgun that I own (and definitely the prettiest). Target shot at approx 10 yards / 21 feet (Please excuse iphone pics - will get the SLR out and take some better ones soon)

And here is a modern take on the 1911: high capacity, competition type gun, made by STI in Texas, which they call a '2011 Edge". It has been tweaked by a gunsmith for better trigger pull, fiber optic front sight, mag well, action work, etc etc. Calibre 40S&W - can get 21 rounds into the magazine.

What is interesting is that both of the guns above are nearly identical internally, both being 1911 type firearms. The 2011 just takes the 100 year old 1911 design and modernizes it a little for competition purposes...

Will post more pics of my rifles and shotguns a little later...
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