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Originally Posted by frog
Obviously your skin isn't near as thick as the skin on your wife's rear.
When playing with this group, it's best to leave your feelings (and your wives) at home...yes I said wives...they are Utards after all.
No need to be so sensitive. Pluric could never satisfy her.

Some women will sit on anything for the right guy....
Barefoot and in the kitchen, I see.

Just needs "The Bump" to make it official.
Are all Utards this funny? I guess I had the wrong impression!!

If you get a GPS, I have a track you may be interested in that will take you from Hanksville to Boulder with some awesome scenery (pronounced ski-ner-ee, here).
Thanks but the moto fund has run dry for this year GPS will have to wait until spring. I want to put wife on SE not teach her how to stand up on the back of SE

Look for Day RR in couple weeks titled: "Thick Ass Skin in Utard country"

Thanks, Its good to know there are plenty of ______tards out there like myself!
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