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Thanks Bob

Originally Posted by Night Falcon View Post
Hi Nippybit. not sure by your comments that you got the pm i sent? so here it is just incase....hope the other inmates won't mind this one time

This how I got your photo to download

1. go to your flicker site and click on the photo.
2. click on the share icon above the photo
3. click on the "Grab the HTML/BBCode"
4. Make sure the HTML button is on: copy the code
5. Click on the reply button on ADVrider
6. Click on the A/A icon at the top right corner of the reply box: this should turn the box white
7. paste the code you copied previously
8. Bobs ya uncle
Hi Bob,

Still learning. I remember when you use to get a dialog box upon opening the site, already logged in, that told you about a PM. With the new software it seems that this has changed. In any event I saw where to check my PM's and replied there just a few minutes ago. I have been riddled with guilt for a long time for not knowing how to post individual pics. I am hoping that I am not the only one who has struggled with this. I will experiment a bit later today to make sure I got it. In your point # 8 above I am glad you said "Uncle" rather than "Daddy". If you were my "Daddy" you would be at least 88 years old!

Cheers, and thanks again.
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