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Originally Posted by buildit View Post
I know the british "used" to know how to make ammo correctly. I have some vintage .303 that works just fine.
we still do just fine, but the bastards who make it are making money hand over fist replacing it needlessly and some moron politician doesnt know any better and even gives them an "industry award" for recycling or some BS like that. i read on here some of you guys find pre war moisin ammo goes bang satisfactorily.

not much use to us here, you go to court if you do a stinky fart in Britain, so they dont let us have guns, but how long would 18 tons of win.308, rem.223, S&W.40, 9mm, .50BMG, maybe some .338lapua, take to sell in the states at $1.70/lb? oh yeah, dont forget plenty of captured 7.62 and 5.45 too.
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