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Originally Posted by TomN View Post
Sorry if these questions have been asked before, did not see answers in the pages I looked at. Never hammock camped before but as I get older I am getting less and less comfortable sleeping on the ground so I want to try hammock camping. Getting tired of waking up 10 times a night when my arm or goes to sleep or hip/shoulder hurts from pressing into the ground.

1) I sleep on my stomach and side, I have read it is possible in a hammock but does anyone really do it? Or is there something about sleeping in a hammock that allows stomach sleepers to sleep on their back?

2) What is the most cost effective way to try out hammock camping, I am looking for something that has a bug net and canopy, is not junk but doesn't break the bank?

3) In cold weather can I put my RidgeRest in the hammock and sleep on it to get insulation? I get cold easy when I sleep. Seems like that might not work since it is a stiffer pad.

I am a side back and stomach sleeper normally. In the hammock I usually sleep totally on my back, and rarely wake up more than 1 or 2 times during the night. Occasionally I'll sleep semi-side which due to the cradling of the hammock is pretty comfortable. I don't think you can really sleep on your stomach in any gathered end hammock. There's always a little bit of a banana lay so on your stomach you'll be bent backward.

Like Jabba said, stomach sleepers need a bridge style hammock. That's where the truly flat lay is.
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