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162 and La Porte ...

Originally Posted by jbcaddy View Post
sure wish I knew you folks were going to be coming through, I'd of baked a cake! or at least said howdy as you went through town. a good loop if you come back up this way is 162/Oroville Quincy Hwy from Oroville to Quincy and then back down 70. or turn right at Quincy and then take the road through La Porte back over the hill to either Oroville or Marysville. either route will be OK untill it snows. if you trailer up to Oroville, you are welcome to park it in front of my place. JB

Hi jbcaddy,
Thanks for the route tips and hospitality! Here's a pic my friend Blaise took from his old BMW of one of the tunnels on Rt 70 ... we got a bit lost and rode a long way up 162 before we figgured out that if we kept going we'd wind up back at Quincy, which would have been back to square one ... ha. Super nice road up from the big reservoir ...
Hope to see you next year when we come back through that way,
-- SFMCjohn
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