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I just bought a new 2012 Zuma 125. Cost OTD was $3354.00. A new 2013 would have been just a hair over $4K. I got the last 2012 they had. I looked at the Met while there. They wanted $3120 something OTD. But this is AZ. You don't get good deals from the "powersports" places here. They add on tons of extra fees. I almost got into a fight with the paperwork guy because I did not buy the extended warranty and a service agreement. Those are where most of the real profit is made.

I don't know about the Met, but the Zuma was made in Taiwan. I first thought it was made in China, but when I gave the VIN to my insurance agent, it was a Taiwanese VIN. So I looked on the scooter and sure enough it said Taiwan. I don't know where Honda is getting their bikes, but Kawasaki is building most of theirs in Thailand.
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