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Originally Posted by FlowBee View Post
Hiya folks. I've been lurking this thread for a few months now and I finally have a question. This thread has been a welcome respite of knowledge against the torrent of BS the media throws at us about Mexico. It finally convinced me to take the plunge.

I don't mean for this to turn into any sort of flame war about "federales y banditos". But.... I recall some discussion about Tampico Transitos and their penchant for pulling motos over for a monetary "time out" at the north bypass Y-junction - something about busting motos for being in the left lane when you HAD to be in the left lane to exit on the bypass. Is this still a problem? Anybody have any other special little "time out" traps?

From what I understand this kind of thing occurs from time to time in parts of Latin America: Masaya road in Nicaragua, and the north road leading into Lima Peru for example.

I'm heading out within a few weeks for CA / SA and I'm just hoping to fish for a little bit of advance knowledge about the notorious traps. I know the best approach is to wait them out, play the "no fumar espanol" game, etc etc.

I apologize in advance for the gringo approach to this question. I'm new to LA.
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