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Originally Posted by bluesman View Post
No doubt. When I refer to superbike I mean superbike used in superbike environment. Like...I don't know....national road to Saint Gottard in Switzerland. Let say there it is full of curves but you can ride them at 160 kmph on sportbike and come to top with shredded rear tyre. Don't ask me how I know. This is illegal :)

On real tight roads - nothing rules over supermotard. Like 690 SMC for example.

But adventure bikes meant to be jack of all trades. Sportbikes, supermotos etc. are narrow use (well, supermoto kinda quite do it all but sacrificing comfort).
Over here mountain deparatamental roads still ruled by naked/roadsters and sportbikes slowly being equalized by supemotards. Those 690s smoke almost everything on such roads. Go one step up in roads and this is purely sportbikes. Roads are good.
One of best times I had was on Sardinia riding my Suzuki DR800 thumper converted to top-shelf suspension and supermoto wheels with Supercorsa tyres. But still - I felt every kg of it's 200 kg of weight.
In my opinion Multistrada quite far from that real adventure bike and closer to sports. Great bike thou.
Xtourer...with all my respect to that's a real pig despite it is not big in size, it has suspension and brakes to match it's objective and this needs to be taken into account.

brakes on photo - I am sure everyone recognizes those old trusty Nissin calipers Honda used for ages on almost every heavy bike. Not good example. Better take photo of motor in that bike. That's - that's a new thing.

Ill getcha some engine shots, but back to those brakes. They are friggen insane on dirt! They work like ABS should!
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