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You are so lucky to have grown up with quilts and have a mother that quilts

OK, I had to cry about not being able to fit a quilt on your bike, especially after I checked out your profile and saw the Goldwing with trailer in tow! You need a packing strategy! When I'm tight on space and need to fit something on my bike, I either get creative with bungee straps, or ship something nonessential home to make more room.

I love finishing up old quilt tops. Sometimes I buy them on Ebay just to finish them myself. I feel like I'm doing my duty to preserve history Last week I finished a quilt made out of feed sacks from the 1940's. Lots of stories behind these old quilts.


Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
very nice quilt indeed! my grandmother and associated relatives had quilting parties when i was very young...i got to play under the quilt while they were sewing :) my mom just turned 80 this month and still quilts, all by herself! she sews the patches together on the machine but all the rest is done by hand. she says it's good therapy and helps with the arthritus iin her fingers/hands. she's famous for her baby quilts, having given away over 200 of them. I gave her $50 for a baby quilt so she can get her hair fixed. to my knowledge, she has never sold a quilt other than to me. She has a waist high stack of quilts in the bedroom--told me i could have any that i wanted but being on my bike, i could not even carry one home :( she also has a closet full of quilt tops ready to quilt up...i told her i want a top and her good sewing machine when she leaves us. :)
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