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Thanks for the condolences. It all started when my mom passed from a long battle with ALS (Lou Gehrigs). Although it paralyzed her from the waist down, everything seemed to be ok, she lasted more that 2x what the docs said she would. One night she has trouble breathing and ends up in the ER. over the next 48 hours it was all downhill. Next thing we knew, ICU, Hospice, then gone.

My mom and I had an "agreement" based on me not dying on my motorcycle. I never knew my grandfather (her father) because he was killed in a head on collision while riding his motorcycle home from work late one night. How many mom's do you know lost there fathers to a motorcycle death would allow their son to ride them and not only that, go with them to the races? She quit coming to the flat track races after she saw a guy go over the guardrail and my friends KTM500 cartwheel over the front of my CanAm 560 nearly taking my head off.

After watching what she went through, I'd gladly die instantly on the moto than how she did.

Tara's death was needless, it kind of set me off even more than the others in between, she was barely 30, just a kid, spent 2 days on life support before finally bleeding out. Many years ago a drunk took my cousin when she was little when he crashed into my Uncle Calvin's car. Then at my moms calling hours a woman came up to me and said something along the lines of "you don't know me, but I was the child in the car with your uncle when we were hit by a drunk that killed my mother". I always remembered those 2 crashes because 2 brothers both lost someone too a drunk driver.

I don't condemn people for drinking, it's when they go one too far.

Anyhow, again, thanks

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