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Originally Posted by jetjackson View Post
Yeah, once you get to the bottom of Italy, catch a ferry over to Croatia and spend some time exploring the Balkans, Bosnia/Montenegro/Croatia etc. - you wont regret it.

Then on your way up to Scandanavia, check out Switzerland/ and or Austria on the way through.
My knowledge of those countries and their attractions is nil. What do you recommend?

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Ethiopia to Morocco most definitely WILL NOT happen.. Google "sahara" to get you started on that one! And unless you like the idea of getting kidnapped by armed groups linked to Al-Qaida, familiarize yourself with the whole situation before you go. The threat is real.
Yep. You're correct. I had done basically no research on the area.

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Otherwise that new plan looks more realistic, though there are still some other smaller problems with it. Like only 1 possible border crossing for foreigners vehicles between Pakistan&India (east from Lahore).. and I can almost guarantee, that you will not get your foreign vehicle into Vietnam, unless you pay very big money to arrange it with a tour company (bit like China). Freighting across the Bay of Bengal usually happens from Kathmandu or Chennai, could be done from Delhi as well. Seems that Nepal is easier to send from, than India. Haven't heard of anyone doing it from eastern states of India. Bangladesh might be a possibility, too, but could be laborous to arrange I think.
Vietnam... maybe I'll skip it, but still haven't done significant research on the country. Jaci-Kampuchea's response is good to hear, but $600 to get into 'Nam seems high. Still just trying to get a decent potential route then working out large issues (China) down to smaller ones. Everything is flexible.

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
...And you naturally will need to cross some very high mountain roads on that route, so weather, especially winter, needs to be thought of. Eastern Turkey also gets too cold for bikes mid-winter, but otherwise that route is pretty much year-round. Summertime heat, as well as the monsoon season has to be taken into account further south.
The seasons... I'm thinking a February or Mach departure from Melbourne. Assuming 6-9 months for the trip, I should be riding into generally nonextreme weather in that time frame.

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Edit. Turkey-Georgia-Russia is another bit, that'll demand some more research... I think it should be do-able these days, though, but you should be aware of where&how. You also have the option to go by ferry across the Caspian Sea.
Another good option. Cheers!

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
edit. But crossing east to west somewhere south side of the Sahara, where there are actually some roads, might already change the game a bit.

But I'm just talking outta my #ss on this subject really. Better to check out this link (...and it's fair to say he actually knows what he's talking about):
That guys site is pretty durn good. His routes are and details are the kind of things I really dig. Thanks!

I've updated the potential route for Africa. I am open to entering the continent at a different place, but must go to Johannesburg, South Africa and Kampala, Uganda. Maybe it's better to cross at Cameroon to Uganda, then down to South Africa. Thoughts?

Edit: This potential Africa route is about 21,000 km.

And yes. This would be one HELLUVA trip indeed.

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