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Originally Posted by I.Will.Ride.On.Mars View Post
I've updated the potential route for Africa. I am open to entering the continent at a different place, but must go to Johannesburg, South Africa and Kampala, Uganda. Maybe it's better to cross at Cameroon to Uganda, then down to South Africa. Thoughts?
Keep in mind, that I´m not an expert on this (in fact I´ve only travelled some southern parts of Africa, and that was over a decade ago, a lot has changed since)... But it is my understanding, that for most people – think 99% of the people! – it is either ´western´ or ´eastern´ route, though both have some variations.

What is definitely NOT common these days, is to combine those routes in the middle (to go from Cameroun to CAR or northern DRC, and then to Uganda, for example. I think there may be good reasons, why most people don´t do it. Like VERY poor roads (especially during the rainy season), terrible paperwork & corrupt officials. And generally those areas are not known for their stability or well-being, in fact often quite the contrary, so even your safety might be at risk. That is probably the biggest reason, why that route is generally not considered feasible.

And basically the same goes for countries located between Senegal and Ghana, so over there the most common route goes inland, via Bamako.

Personally I think I would just simply stay out (not from whole of Africa, but those areas mentioned above). If it´s your first trip to Africa, cutting west to east in the middle would really be jumping in the deep end. So if you´re still gonna do it, then I´d advice to do your homework really well!

I think that ´western´ route thru Africa (around the equatorial region) is about as tough as it gets already, even if you weren´t planning any major deviations from it!
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