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Beside the road was a house. Lables: hot lunch, calming sauna, kafe / guesthouse. It look`s very relaxing J

Kurisookaru heard a some unnormal voice from the back wheel.

It was a support and it moves like it can`t move. There was missing one rubber stopper, gladly we was in Russia. There are everything beside the road, you just take what you need. We need a little rubber hose.

We got this day rain and wind and cold and the motivation was really very low. On the late evening we was finally on Jekaterinburg. It`s a huge city (there live almost so much people than in all Estonia). Despite the late time there was a party in Jekaterinburg. We watching on the big eyes how young people drive by car and three of them was out from the car sunroof and they shout something. There was many different that kind of car. The wheter was already much better and wasn`t cold anymore. Anton`s 650 dakar decided to boil, the radiator was totally mudy and after washing looks everything normal again.

Ok, we need a hotel and cheep is well for us J ca 30 minute and we was already on the hotel Bolšoi Ural (Big Ural). After a registration and the stuff taking from motorcycle I let a roll a motorcycle without starting the engine – and then I heard some unnormal voice. It was back wheel and it cluck ca 2cm to left and right. Absolutely wonderful!! Directly to the home was little more than 2500km. Thinked that it is bearing again and lets see it tomorrow morning. So we cleaned yourself and going to the city. We eating ...

... and eating ...

... and eating a little more.

We be friends with a group of Russians, there was a three boys and two girls. Absolutly splendid group and we spend half of night together and we laugh a lot J One bub from inside.

Next morning I go to a walk and try to find a place where is possible to fix my bike. It was Sunday and everything was closed. River Iset on the picture.

It was not clean.

Raul found a interesting friend J

Friends meet one nice motorcycle guy and he give us an address and phone number for the biggest motorcycle shop in Jekaterinburg, it was BIKE HOUSE.

There was a obliging people and even bearings was there!! Decided to do repair by yourself, because I changed this big bearing once in 2 years ago. I need only some tools (puller, heat blower, ...). And then, suprise!! The problem was absolutely different, deformed was the rear wheel flange. It was the good and the bad news in one time, because it`s much cheeper but there wasn`t flange and I had not 4 days time to stay there. So, I need to drive and only possibility to repair looks chemical metal. It stays ca 1000km asphalt or 350km enduro roads like this.

After repairing (repairing is not the correct world here, maybe shit-ing is better) we was on the road again and the way goes to the souht. On the evening we looking a shop from a small village.

We found, it was the smallest shop ever!!! (White part of this house was a warehouse)

Shop working until 9 ... ??? Lunch until 13 to 15 PM.

We got all what we ever need from this tiny market J

Our water reserv needs to tank.

Looks on this village lives a cows who can talk, because one of them waited a business call beside the post office..

After a half of hour we was already on the camp. Kurisookaru found some trees for the fire.

Me and Anton made a supper.

Honestly it was the better dinner in this trip. There was only carrot, onion, smoked sausage, tomato paste, salt, pepper, cognac, beer and garlic, but it was so sweet and like a caramel taste! The pan is a little oval, because on the hard mountain roads pan flyed away from the bike J

It was our farthest camp on this trip and now the way goes towards to home. Pretty nice plase was.

Next day we visiting Zlatoust weapony museum, debate with two different police patrul - (very evil police mens was) and what we did? We drived only to the Lenin square and wanted to take a picture!?!
We had a plan to sleep on the highest mountain in south Ural. To go there we choose a smaller way offcourse.

After half of road from Zlatoust to Bolšoi Iremel (Big Iremel is almost same important for locals like Olympos in Greek) my bike back wheel cluck again. Afraid the worst and we staying to the camp.

Tryed repair again but looks it`early, the flange didn`t go away.

On the late night just watching the fire and talking.

On the morning was a nice weather and there was possibility to dry a things until we eating.

Next day we seeing Big Iremel, on the center of picture, the right one.

Friends goes to the mountain and I turned to the forest to try repair again. Over the Big Iremel was a natural park.

to be continue ..
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