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Originally Posted by DR. Rock View Post
Here's an update regarding my SBGE001 spring drive's accuracy and durability while getting pounded for two weeks riding dirtbikes and camping on Mobius 10. If you recall, my MKII Quad-10 didn't fare so well under similar circumstances on M9, gaining over a minute per day on the trail after being regulated to well within 10 sec/day as a daily wearer.

This SBGE001 totally rocks. Accuracy on the trail was indistinguishable from daily wear, gaining 1.5 sec / week. Durability is a non-issue. Wore it the entire time in dusty conditions, crashing, fixing flats, setting up camp, getting dirty, etc. Yeah, it's no longer pristine, but I bought it to use, not just to admire. That said, the technology, design, and finish are all very worthy of admiration. I'm really impressed.
Good to hear Dr. Rock. Glad someone else is putting a SD through it's paces. How is the rubber strap holding up? Still the same cheapo in your picture?
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