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Friends made a some photos of Big Iremel.

It was not possible to drive on to the top and they walks.

Ural is very old mountain and the tops of Ural are not sharp.

After Iremel we burned a kilometers again since evening.

On the nice camp place and made a „hinkaal`s“, very tasty was!

Camp on the morning

and the wiew from the camp. It named „baskir“ area and I liked it much.

They pump something from the ground just beside the road. Can it be oil?? Raw diesel?? There was almost hundred of pump like this.

It was so sad that we have to leave already. This baskir area was charming and wanted to be there much more. Maybe one day we can go back, but right now we have to ride and ride and ride until home. Only three camp nights left for us. One of them was a interesting place between lake and cornfield.

We picked corn ..

.. and burned it.

It was only supper for us this evening and it was tasty J

Early on the morning fast omlette ..

... new shine for the number plate and to the main road again.

One small and sweet house beside the road

There was only two nights left for us. One on them near the river

with fire potatoes and sausages

and last night on the forest.

There was only one dry tree

And we have to take it down

After a fire-raising a little gourmet

Some minutes after the midnight we bring up our friend Raul, it`s his birthday today

Looks liqueur VANA TALLINN is so good, than even honey-bees liked it

Next day we got a rain and there is no more pictures from the road. We arrived to home (Estonia) late night but all together on this time and we was glad. All trip (from home to home) was 7400km (2-19.august). After a calculating my trip budget, it was 888.- EUR and there was absulutely all (even the visa!)!

Some more pictures I almost forget. One nice lady, who give us a tomatoes, gherkins, peas and onions, just because we was far away from home.

It was a huge quantity and we had not the place to put them all. The problem solution: gherkins on the tire

My tire change on the forest

One nice river

and the railway bridge over the river.

One weirdest railways crossing. There was a lights and crossing cate (like usually) + there was a metal plates goes up from the ground (almost everywhere in Russia) + railway guard goes out and closed railway crossing with extra crossing gate with padlock!!! J

Best wishes and see you on the road J
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