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Day 7

Holy crap!! What a sunrise.

This ended up being our new favorite camp of the trip.

We were planning a half rest day for this day so we just hung around and looked at rocks and relaxed.

The route along the east side of the lake was pretty bad so we were in no hurry to get on it.

We only had about 60km to get to the town of Hatgal where we thought we might find a hotel and regroup. The route improved and we were enjoying the riding.

Minxter loves rocks!

Pretty soon the town comes into view. Hotel? Yeah right!!

We stocked up in town and were getting ready to leave after not finding a hotel when we bumped into two french girls who were in the area doing a horse trek. They told us about the ger camp they were staying in so we decided to check it out. We gave them a ride back to the camp.

There were no more ger available so we just paid a couple dollars to pitch our tents and use the showers. The town of Hatgal is the gateway to Lake Hovsgal so it is as touristy as a town gets in Mongolia which ain't much. We wanted to wash some clothes but the people running the camp said we'd have to use their laundry service. Minxter was wary of this having had bad experiences in other countries. Sure enough, we get the laundry the next morning and something's missing. Minxter immediately goes to the woman running the joint and points this out. She makes a phone call and then goes and pulls out Minxters missing pants stashed away in a cupboard. Seems like they thought we wouldn't notice something was missing. Kind of a turn off for us. Most of the folks at the camp had gotten there by bus and were a bit jealous of the mobility we had with the bikes.

We spent the afternoon checking out the town. Buuuuurrrt always has to put on the dumbest looking hat he can find at all the shops.

Alcohol is a problem in Mongolia as lots of Mongols consume mass amounts of vodka. This is the cheap stuff the locals drink. This stack crammed into the tiniest little food shop gives you and idea of how it's prioritized.

We stocked up on eggs and boiled them for the next few days.

We made some friends with this couple from Amsterdam. They invited us over to their ger for cocktails and we had a riot!! Arno claimed he had the fastest Vespa in Amsterdam. We're hoping to see them again sometime.

60km for the day.
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