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I hated Catterson. What a complete suck-ass he was. If I never read another "motorcycle" story involving Rush or Neil fucking Peart, I will die a happy man.

I used to enjoy Peter Egan but now I find Jack Lewis and Joe Gresch more fun to read. I also tend to save Cameron's piece for last as it's the only article in the magazine that has educational value.

There is no US magazine that is worth the newstand price. They review solely from the perspective of a potential buyer. The entire review is designed to help you make a purchasing decision. There is NEVER anything about the ownership experience. For example, I don't think I've ever read a review that mentions how the headlights are at night, how the paint finish lasts under a tank bag, what the first service costs or whether a bike has quality fasteners. They don't talk about insurance rates, maintenance costs, recalls, potential issues or past problems with bikes until the new model is introduced. In short...they fucking suck. A US motorcycle magazine is nothing more than an ad slick paid for by multiple vendors.
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