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Originally Posted by ST4s View Post
The latest theory in multicylinder race engine design is to NARROW the firing angle to allow the drive tire to regrip the race track (much disputed by Kevin Cameron with a lot of math to support his supposition).
exactly... placing power pulses into a smaller arc (narrow fire angle) increases the remaining arc length (regrip period)

so, glass half full/empty,..


I used to visit Kevin when I lived in Montpelier Vermont. He has one hell of a workshop on the property- half museum, half science lab. Remnants of engineering projects & collaborations from the major factories to the determined eccentric littered the shelves. The west wall had a black & white, mural-sized enlargement of a Suzuki RG500 Gamma engine that rivaled art exhibits I've viewed. Hell of a mind, when I started reading him in the 70's I was glad there were people out there whose mind was alive with thought- and able to put it down in words.

Coincidentally his article on the 1982 Daytona 200 "war" between Honda & Yamaha discussed the very issue of high-horsepower, tire-spinning bikes having disadvantages when he calculated the engine horsepower required to maintain lean angle near the apex of the International Horseshoe, a 180-degree, flat curve that had riders waiting to open the throttle. He took into account all the frictional, mechanical losses & determined that the 150+bhp bikes were needing less than 30hp IIRC. (I'm gonna have to find that issue now- the article was about 6 pages of great reading)

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