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Stella2T No Spark with Wet Roads

2009 Stella 2T ~4700mi

This problem started about a year ago, when the roads are wet, it would sputter and die like it wasn't getting fuel. Turns out it wasn't getting spark. It will run all day long when it is dry, I've even taken some 100 mi trips here and there. As soon as the roads are wet, it starts to sputter and I have no spark. After sitting for a few minutes, sometimes it will start up but only run a few blocks or a mile till it dies again. Kick start mostly but will turn over with battery (I just rarely use it) I've been stranded over 6 or 7 times in rainstorms for the past year.

I have done the following to try and remedy the situation:
1.) Replaced the Coil/CDI (one unit on the 09' engines)
2.) Checked and cleaned/kept dry all electrical connections to the engine and resoldered and replaced some of the connectors (do this each time she dies on me and all dry and connected)
3.) Battery terminals are clean and tight
4.) I have bypassed the kill switch
5.) Rebuilt Carb and cleaned some usual oil/fuel from airbox

Having fixed/replaced these items up top, I'm running out of ideas. Any perspective would be nice.

Possible ideas:
1.) Replace Fuse or entire fuse holder
2.) Sell it

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