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I have owned 2 Tomos mopeds, both the ST model that used to be called the Targa. An '03 and an '05. '05 was the last year for the A35 engine, which I liked better than the A55. These had the lower cowl and turn signals, and, unfortunately oil injection. TOMOS OIL INJECTION IS JUNK. I never made it home from the dealer with the first one, the top end seized up due to oil injection failure. On the second one, I asked the dealer not to start it up, and went and picked it up in a truck. I pulled the oil pump cover off, and the clear plastic fish tank hoses they had used for oil were both badly kinked. The entire system, from the oil tank lid to the injector is junk, there is not one decent part in the whole thing, unless it might be the pump itself. Even the design itself is bad. Your engine will starve for oil if you are riding on a long downhill. Compared to something like Yamaha's Autolube system, it looks like a first grader designed it. I removed them from both mopeds and ran premix, 40:1. Do that and they will last forever. The Sprint is the best one. Also the cheapest. You can get all of them with or without pedals. Mine had pedals, so it could be ridden in the bike lane. If you get a peg model, there is no place to ride them, they are too slow to keep up with traffic.

If you can't find one locally, I would get it from
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