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Originally Posted by donutrider View Post
The particular bike I'm looking at is non-abs .. Deal breaker? My ultra classic had abs and it about killed me a couple times.
I don't think that the ABS or lack thereof is a deal breaker. I have had ABS on a few bikes and can't say that I've actually needed it very often. I do feel that I'm a little bit more aware of my braking habits on this bike because is doesn't have ABS. Maybe if I commuted and had to deal with slick streets on a routine basis I would be more biased toward ABS.

On riding around here in the Rapid City area and the surrounding Black Hills, I've noticed that the heavily traveled roads are pretty greasy, probably due to the lack of any significant rainfall in the last few months. In my normal riding, I don't have any of the problems with the roads being fouled the way they appear to be around here. The only thing that I can relate it to is commuting in the Seattle area during a dry period, then when it does rain, watch out for all the oil and crap washing out of the road surface, like riding on marbles.

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