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Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
Last Saturday I rode with a racer dude I'd previously only 'met' on line. He holds many of the KOM's at local trails, and has done some grueling races that I wouldn't even think of attempting. When we met in person for the first time, I was shocked to see how fat he was! I don't mean to suggest that he's morbidly obese, but he could easily lose 50 lbs. I can't understand how he could ride so fast and have so much endurance, given all that extra weight he's carrying around. Wouldn't that be an enormous liability for a bicycle racer?
Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
Considering only the physics of bicycling, that's true. But I'm thinking of the added strain on his pulmonary system in supplying oxygen and nutrients to all those fat cells. It's not the same as wearing a backpack filled with 50 lbs of rocks. That would be bad enough, but being fat means that his body is expending a lot more energy than mine just keeping those fat cells alive.
Endurance and body fat ratio are not directly proportional. Look at Sumo wrestlers and long distance ocean swimmers....both typically have body's that would look to be fat to most people, but both also have great endurance.

Fat is not really using that much oxygen at all..only enough to exist. Fat is a secondary fuel source for the body. Its the muscles that use the oxygen in doing their job..and obviously carb storages(glycogen in muscles). Fat is also lighter than muscle or the "extra" weight he is carry is deceiving as far as its actual weight.

Food for thought.
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