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Originally Posted by Hay Ewe View Post
So, I decided that I needed to wear a watch this weekend, I have one in working order - the Seiko 6105-8110 that I carry on about.

Its s/n is 585018 if that will help any one work out a date of manufacture.

but first some history....
My uncle brought it in Hong Kong some time between 1975 and 1978 when he as posted there with the Army. Coincidentally, my father was posted there at similar time and that is where I was born in 1976. No I am not Chineese!
Anyway, years later working in Zimbabwe with my Uncle he gave it to me as it had got water in it and he didn't wear it any more.
I took the back of (with a pair of Snap On duck bill pliers) had a look, saw that the pendulum thing went round and then replaced the back.

I eventually took it back to the UK, got it serviced at the local jewlery store and it became a daily wear watch. (yeah I was stoked - 19 and sporting this classic Seiko) I didnt like the rubber type strap that came with it, I dont think I have that any more, got a metal one that looked good but isn't strong enough for it, its twisted. A pin in the strap broke and its got some 0.024" lock wire holding it together. Only the second clasp on the strap holds it closed, its a bit tired shall we say.

Anyway, after a few years it wasn't doing so well so I stopped wearing it and wore a cheap ass but look good watch. it told the time and was ok.

As of now, I haven't worn a watch regularly for 6 years. When I travel I do because I like to know the time, but at work, there are time pieces all round us (telephone, computer, car, moto, some one else). Its also hot and sweaty where I live.

Anyway, I got it out last night, gave it shake, wore it for a while (man you notice the difference in weight when wearing a watch)

At 23:00 I zeroed it against my computer.
At 23:06 this evening I stopped it. (Yeah I missed the time)
In that period it had lost 1min and 43 seconds (103 seconds) that is a loss of 0.12%

Now consider that this watch has NEVER had a proper service, in the last 20 years has been worn less than it has. Has been in a box of stuff for the last 8 years maybe more, I think that's pretty good.

It needs a clean and a new more appropriate strap but it tells a story.

Hay Ewe

That one deserves a good refurb. Nice watch.
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