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To be honest, I was disappointed with RoadRunner. Yes the maturity was there, but nothing about the bikes. Maybe if you are not that interseted in motorcycles as a hobby, but only as a means of getting there, it is a fine travel mag.

I used to subscribe to Sport Rider, but it is the polar opposite or RoadRunner. The articles were entirely about the latest crop of bikes, and how they compare. As a buyer's guide, it was great.

Motorcycle News is a better magazine for those who want to keep up on all products related to motorcycles, not just the bikes.

I have been enjoying 2 publications new to my area: ADVMoto and Motorcycle Escape. ADV has only 6 issues per year, and Escape has only 4. You can only susbscribe to ADVMoto. Escape must be bought at the store, and is hard for me to find. ADVMoto seemed a bit heavy in advertisements, so I finished the whole mag too quickly. I liked it though, so I subscribed in hopes it would go to a 12 issue schedule eventually. Escape is a great magazine (at least the one issue I found so far while away on business). It is pretty focussed on ADV style riding, however, but that's fine by me.
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