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Li Ion batteries

Originally Posted by crazybrit View Post
I assume you are also running the TT regulator? It and the Lithium Ion batteries are supposedly not a great combo. Trailtech told me that they are not compatible with the Shorai. And for the Turntech Lithium, from the horses mouth: Probably good you got the one with lots of capacity and have the HID Talking to Joe, if you have a lot of accessory draw, it sounds like it can be borderline.
Oh, that's disappointing. I was hoping to go for a li ion battery because the yuasa's don't like sitting around for long periods of time - which mine does...

I think there are typically 2 issues that can lead to incompatibility issues:
1) the charging voltage.
2) how much the RR relies on the capacitative effect of the battery to give a smooth voltage. As li ion batteries reach full charge, the current they will accept nears zero - so its capacitative effect nears zero.

Very long, informative thread here :
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