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Originally Posted by travelingman32 View Post
Great report. Looks like a very fun holiday.
thanks!! and you're right, it was great

On to Day 05

So after a nice breakfast at the hotel in Ovada we hit the road basically retracing our steps in to town with a slight detour to avoid the SP 166 that was closed due to bridge work, and still make it through Voltaggio. Garmin says "no worries" and off we go. Everything is ticking along fine and the roads are SWEET! (thanks Tage) until we get to Crocefieschi.

The GPS says "turn left"....

hmm OK (realize that there are plenty of pedestrians when we do), and with Michelle slightly in the lead I say "wait a while".. not sure this is right... (Kevin has been there plenty of times...)

Of course Michelle is already committed, a car is coming, there's no room, so I tell her, "well go down & turn around & come back". She disappears for a long time, she's out of range of the comm set, and after a while my phone rings... it's Michelle, at a dead end. So I look at the map & figure well maybe the road comes out the other side... so she gives that a try and climbs to the top of the hill on a goat path overlooking town. maybe she was on the via alla rocca?

above is the route the GPS figured we should go. Obviously we just needed to stick to the via Roma and it worked out fine.. live & learn

that's no good... eventually she gets back to the road she went down & comes back up.. none the worse for wear. My girl is a trooper!

We continue to crack on. It's an absolutely picture-perfect day.

Churning out the miles

A bit of the SP 16 near Cassingheno

and the SP 17 near Fontanigorda (just before the lunch stop)

Eventually the miles lead to hunger. Since we never want to miss our food window, we decide to pop into the next town. We find Trattoria Del Ripa in Fontaigorda is open. Perfecto!

No melon, but they do have pineapple....lovely
I think I need to start keeping my hat on.. I look like an escaped mental patient in the lunch shots

and guess what? motoGP qualifying is on the big screen!

the race is in Misano and the announcers are going mad describing the action.. brilliant.

but it's time to get back on the road... stuffed full (as is usual after an Italian lunch) we saddle back up & head out.

The SP 17, the SP 586, take us towards Borgonovo Ligure where we find the SP 49. the roads have been narrow, and twisting, the lunch was large, the day has been long.... so when we roll down into Varese Ligure I ping Michelle to see how she's feeling. Time to stop (and I am very happy to agree!). I spot the albergo della posta across the square and walk over to see what the room situation is. Room available

While Michelle showers up I decide to chill in the street side bar.

all showered & good to go (not me tho... one more day til I shave)

just one more beer & we'll go explore the town...

typical Italian town, narrow streets, neat shops. lovely

While I was sitting having a beer the local Benz convertible club rolled through. While we went for a walk we saw them all garaged up at a hotel around the corner.

Coke machine? nope..... MILK machine!


almost time to eat

The town cenotaph. it is always sad to see how many names are from the same family. Fathers, sons, all gone now.

We decide just a pizza tonight. So around the corner we find the perfect place.

A pie each, some wine & some water frizannte


better not....

The day in maps....

We have only done about 200 km on the day, but it feels further. the roads were fantastic, seemed very technical, and not all that fast. A great day of riding!
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