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Originally Posted by Vinduroman View Post
Working. All day. Up and at 'em at 5:30 AM. 10.5 hours today. Likely working 12 hours tomorrow (on account of a job being annulled and my job will pick up the slack). About 50 hours last week... some weeks nearly 60. Others mid or upper 40 hour weeks. And, since we're sayin': I'm 60 years old and will have to hit as hard as I can for almost another 6 years before I can retire on a modest pension. Is this important to you? (I doubt it... I think you were just trying to be a smart azz IMHO.)

I'm just saying that all aspects of biking has its appeals/followers/etc. I'm not into sports bikes... others are. I like touring in a limited way... others love it. Others want to trailer their bikes to an event and then unload and enjoy the event... then load them back up and head for the house. Enduro riders do it all the time, as well as many dual sport riders. What's the big freakin' deal if some want to trailer their cruiser bikes to an event? From what I saw, some of those "less than real" riders were takin' it on the nose today (heavy rains) trying to safely get to an event they enjoy. Frankly, you're putting your life in hands enough as it is when on the road/streets in dry conditions. I didn't see any "fake" riders today. All facets of riding have spodes. No exceptions. Why aren't you all jacked up and bent out of shape because of the spodes of dual sporting/off-roading, sports bikers, etc?

Bottom line: Your "anti" stance is making you look like an opinionated jerk. We get it: You don't like it. So leave it at that.

I dunno'... you may be a great guy and all that... but it sure isn't coming across that way.

I realize I'm the outsider here and not in the inner circle, but nonetheless... a spade is a spade.

Tell you what, Mouth: You're entitled to your opinion. You've stated yours several times and I've said my piece. I'll leave my part of it right here.

Albie and 10cup:

The only PG riders I've seen posting elsewhere ride crusier/HD type bikes. I didn't realize all types of bikes are welcomed. That so: Plus 1 for the PGR. I'm not a PGR member, but since learning of them several years ago, I think it's pretty cool what they try to do.

V-man - Don't let Mouth get your goat (that's Doc's job). All rants are in done in good nature.
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